Natalia Fedner’s haute couture collection for 2014 was inspired in part by the mood of Hitchcock’s  “Vertigo”: there is great strength in things that may appear weak or fragile.

With two weeks notice, we can prepare a custom gown based on one of the below styles for you or your client. We have slips and appropriate undergarments for those who prefer a more discreet look. With less than a week’s notice, we have several knit styles that can fit a variety of body types/heights. Please contact us at or 818.835.3819

Stylists: For the right celebrity client, we are happy to let them borrow the clothing for their event  or shoot without cost. The clothes are made from real Silver, French Silk Tulle, and hand spun Angora. Each dress is one of a kind. And each is guaranteed to get your client noticed.mailto:info@nataliafednerdesign.comshapeimage_1_link_0
Empress’s New Clothes
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